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SensiLacer Toothgel 75ml


Statistically significant reduction in denal sensitivity within 3 days.
Also suitable for daily dental care to maintain healthy teeth! 
Apply for daily use

✓ Ingredients:

*Potassium nitrate: active substances to decrease dental sensitivity

*Fluoride: remineralizing effect enhances the desensitizing effect, prevent dental sensitivity and protects against cavities

*Occluding silicon dioxide: protects and strengthens the dentine, prevent and reduce the action of stimuli to prevent pain
Xylitol: low abrasiveness index make it ideal for treating sensitive teeth

✓ Instructions:
After each meal, brush your teeth with SensiLacer Gel Toothpaste using a special brush for sensitive teeth, brushing from the gum to the tip of each tooth. 


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