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Toku Tsuru 德鹤堂滴鸡精

Rich Mouthfeel • Abundant Amino Acids • Boost Your Energy

- Originally From Taiwan -

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德 鶴 堂 滴 雞 精 | 特 點
🐔嚴 選 足 100 天 的 優 質 台 灣 黑 羽 土 雞
零 脂 肪
無 添 加 鹽
無 添 加 防 腐 劑
無 添 加 人 工 香 料
無 添 加 人 工 色 素

德 鶴 堂 滴 雞 精 | 功 效
 富 含 蛋 白 質,有 助 於 建 造 細 胞 、修 補 體 內 組 織 和 增 強 免 疫 力
 促 進 鐵 質 吸 收,預 防 貧 血 和 疲 勞 (女 性 月 經 期 會 流 失 大 量 鐵 質)
 幫 助 恢 復 精 神 和 體 力
 滋 補 氣 血,美 容 養 顏
 孕 婦 飲 用,有 助 於 胎 兒 營 養 和 成 長 
 哺 乳 婦 飲 用,有 助 於 乳 汁 分 泌

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Recommended For :

Pregnant Women

Pregnant women can get nutrition from dripping essence of chicken. After the second period of pregnancy, due to accelerated growth of the fetus, the demand for protein in pregnant women will be higher, and the essence of chicken would be a good choice.


From childhood to adolescence, the child grows fast and needs a lot of protein to provide the body growth. In addition to a balanced diet, essence of chicken can provide extra protein. While children at this age are lively and active, it helps them recover from physical activities. Also, students will have better concentration on studies and exams.

Working Adults

Essence of chicken contains lots of free amino acids, which can be quickly absorbed by the body, stimulate metabolism, and make you be more energised. Studies have shown that essence of chicken can also relieve fatigue and improve your concentration; therefore, people who work long hours can drink it moderately.

The Elderly

Essence of chicken is a nourishing and cholesterol-free health drink. Its main nutrients contain protein and can help users quickly replenish their physical strengths. Therefore, essence of chicken can be the best gift for visiting the elderly.