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LACER, S.A. is founded in 1949.

It is a Spanish company based in Barcelona with an international scope that specializes in human healthcare.

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【SensiLacer Toothgel】75ml

Mona Liew

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💛 Potassium Nitrate: 

Reducing dental sensitivity

💛 Fluoride: 

Remineralization of enamel, prevent dental sensitivity, and protecting from decay

💛 Silicon Dioxide Obliterans: 

Protecting tooth against stimuli that cause tooth sensitivity


In my first impression, SensiLacer toothgel has a strong fresh mint flavour which can help to get rid of bad breath after brushing. I personally think that the effect is long-lasting, I can still feel the fresh breath after a long time and this really helps to improve my personal and work relationships. 

I don't have any serious problem with tooth decay but I have sensitive teeth. Sometimes, my teeth tend to twinge when I eat or drink hot/cold food. After using it for a week, I can somehow feel that my teeth are less sensitive toward cold ice, sweet snacks, and hot food.  I guess the toothgel works well on me and I will continue to see how it improve my gum and teeth. 

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【SensiLacer Toothgel】75ml

Balqis Athirah

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Penyebab sakit gigi:

1. Makan makanan dan minuman sejuk
2. Makan makanan dan minuman panas
3. Makan makanan masam dan manis
4. Pengambilan makanan dan minuman berasid untuk diet berat


Qiss amalkan menggosok gigi selepas makan untuk lebih keberkesanan. Kalau nak cepat kurang rasa sakit tu, Qiss akan ambil sedikit ubat gigi Sensilacer ni dan sapukan kat gigi yang sakit.

Setakat ni, sakit gigi Qiss dah berkurangan dan Qiss dah boleh makan tanpa risau nak mengunyah.

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